Streamline Your eCommerce with Friendship 3PL

Friendship 3PL: Expert eCommerce fulfillment services. Stickering, labeling for Amazon FBA, pick, pack & ship for omnichannel success. Your premier 3PL partner

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We Help Real People Do More with Money


Accuracy rate

in fulfilling orders


Reduce expenses


Shipping to all 50 states 

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Boost Your Order Fulfillment Efficiency

Friendship 3PL offers top-notch eCommerce fulfillment services, including stickering, labeling, and omnichannel support

  • Efficient Operations
  •  Amazon FBA Expertise
  • Omnichannel Management

Efficient Order Fulfillment Solutions for Online Retailers

Simplify your order processing with Friendship 3PL's comprehensive omnichannel fulfilment, perfect for eCommerce businesses of all sizes

  • 25% Grow your Retention
  • 1.7X User Base Growth
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Seamless Integration without the Hassle

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Friendship 3PL has optimized our Amazon FBA operations with their stickering and labeling services. Fast and reliable!

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John Davis


Choosing Friendship 3PL for pick, pack, and ship has streamlined our Omnichannel strategy

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Michael Rodriguez


Friendship 3PL truly is a one-stop shop for order fulfillment. Their expertise and efficiency have made them our go-to 3PL provider

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Lisa Evans


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Often Asked Questions

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Question 1: What services does your eCommerce fulfillment and prep center offer?

Our center offers services such as stickering and labeling for Amazon FBA, as well as pick, pack, and ship for omnichannel fulfillment

Question 2: What makes your center a one-stop shop for order fulfillment?

We provide comprehensive services to handle all aspects of order fulfillment and multichannel eCommerce management, making us a convenient solution for businesses

Question 3: How can your center help with third-party logistics (3PL)?

Answer 3: We specialize in third-party logistics, offering services that can support your business in various channels and providing efficient order handling and shipping solutions

Question 4: What advantages does stickering and labeling services for Amazon FBA provide?

Stickering and labeling services ensure compliance with Amazon's requirements, streamlining the FBA process and making it easier to manage inventory

Question 5: How does pick, pack, and ship for omnichannel enhance the customer experience?

By efficiently picking, packing, and shipping orders for different channels, we help businesses meet customer demands quickly and effectively, enhancing customer satisfaction

Question 6: Can you customize your services to suit the specific needs of my business?

Yes, we can tailor our services to meet the unique requirements of your business, providing flexible solutions that fit your eCommerce fulfillment needs